Trying to configure a Linux system can be a trying process if you are not very familiar with the way it is setup. It’s really quite easy, but you need to familiarize yourself with some stuff if you want to be able to tweak your newly installed Sflack Linux box


Sflack complies with the Linux File System standard. This page explains what some of the key directories in the root directory are.

This page helps users get a PPP connection setup under Sflack. It covers using the pppsetup program and briefly discusses the different files found in /etc/ppp.

Covers configuring Xorg as well as selecting window managers and desktop environments.

Setting up a network connection under Linux is easy with Sflack. You can use the configuration utilities or edit the files by hand. This page explains how to get connected to your network.

Adding and removing users is easy under Sflack. This page explains how to easily add and remove users from your system.

Ever wonder what happens when the system boots? Want to change something during the boot process? This page explains what the various run command files do at boot time.

Like Slackware, Sflack’s package system is very standard. It uses “tarballs” so you can use the package utilities, add them by hand, view their contents, and change them. This page introduces the Slackware(R) package utilities and explains how you can make your own Sflack packages.