General FAQ

The most obvious way you can help with Sflack is to use it! The more people that use it, the more people that can find and report bugs. This will make Sflack even more stable than it is now. This helps to support everyone working on Sflack, and allows us to work on new versions. You can also email us and tell us what programs need to be added.

Sflack supports all of the hardware that the Linux kernel supports. In addition, you may be able to find drivers for other hardware by looking around. For specific information on your hardware, check out the Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO.

If you know of another question that’s worthy of inclusion in the general Sflack FAQ (ie, non-technical…I don’t want to fill this particular FAQ with stuff about video cards and IP tunneling), feel free to and let us know.

It’s not always possible to know how long it will take to make the upgrades needed and tie up all the related loose ends. As things are built for the upcoming release, they’ll be uploaded into the -current tree. If the -current does not exist, it probably means we have just released a new version of Sflack. A new -current tree will be formed shortly after the new release is made.

Here are some places where you can get answers to your technical questions:

Yes! Actually, some ISO images will be released: one for the installable dvd , tree for complete installable cd.

These will be available from the main distribution site,

If it’s in the sflack-current tree at, there’s a pretty good chance it will be. If it’s not, you’d have to inquire, but odds are that it’s not slated for inclusion.