Mirroring Guidelines

These are the guidelines for setting up a Sflack Mirror, and to request 
to be added on the Sflack Mirrors List.

1) The faster, the better!

Even if we appreciate _really_ everyone taking his time to setup and
keep alive a mirror, setting up a server on a slow line probably won't
help anyone at all (unless you live in a country without Sflack

2) Keeping things standard

Want to mirror Sflack? Then don't modify its tree!
Keep your mirror standard setting up something like this:


Even if you mirror only one Sflack version, you should put it under the
main slackware directory.

Which is the kind of tree you can see on the Sflack ftp.

Do not add anything else in that tree. This means no other applications,
even if they are Sflack related. Inside an official Sflack mirror
someone should just find the (partial) exact copy of official Sflack
tree ;-)

3) Versions

If space is a problem for you, and you don't know which versions to
mirror, here's my advice:

Can mirror a version only? Mirror the latest stable.
Can mirror only two versions? Mirror the latest stable and current.
Can mirror more than 2 versions? Mirror current, the latest stable and the
others, starting from the most recent of them, going older and older till
they fit ;-)

4) Protocols

Right now we accept only ftp/http/nfs/rsync as mirror protocols.
You can either use one of them, a couple or all of them, just remember to
tell us which ones you use!

5) Staying up to date

Wondering how can you stay up to date with the changes in the Sflack
tree? ftp.sflack.com is always full? No panic!

After having written me an email to let me know about your mirror, I'll let
you know where to point rsync (I'm guessing everyone uses rsync for
their mirror in these days) to keep your mirror updated, if you can't figure
it out on your own.

6) Let us know about you!

These are the info you need to give us; just fill the fields, copy and
paste in an email sent to the address below.
All the fields are mandatory, unless stated otherwise.
Server name………:
# mirrors.tld/edu or company name.
Server admin………:
# email address and name if possible.
 Server location….:
# Your state, or US/STATE if you are
# in the US.
 Server address….:
# sflack.mirrors.tld
 Server IP………..:
# optional.
 Server protocol…:
# can be ftp,http,nfs,rsync.

 Server max  connection..:

# if you use more than a protocol
# tell us every protocol's max
# connection.
 Connection speed………:
# how fast is you line?
 Server prefix…….:
# path to the sflack/ dir.

Send the above information to mirrors@sflack.com - we'll get in touch
or add you in a few hours (or a couple of days).

Thank you for showing interest into the Sflack Mirroring program!

Sflack Mirrors Administrator