Root Dir

Directory What’s in it?
/bin Basic user-related programs are here. Command shells and programs such as ls.
/boot LILO boot-related files
/dev Block and character device files.
/etc Configuration and system initialization files.
/home User home directories, except root.
/lib Essential libraries (like the system C library and kernel modules).
/mnt Generic mountpoint for fixing filesystems.
/opt Optional software packages. Slackware installs KDE to this location.
/proc Proc filesystem mountpoint for kernel interaction.
/root Root’s home directory.
/sbin System binaries. Programs run by root or at boot time.
/tmp Temporary directory. Everyone has read+write permissions here.
/usr User-related programs such as X11, netscape, and pine.
/var System log files, lock files, mail spools, and printer spools.

In addition to these basic directories, there may be some others. For example, you may have a /mnt/cdrom directory for mounting your CD-ROM drive or /mnt/floppy for mounting a floppy diskette.